Our Animal Hospital Near Middletown Cares

Dr. Mickie Moniello first opened Bayshore Veterinary Hospital in 2001. She wanted to provide veterinary care that was both effective, comprehensive, compassionate, and understanding. Her goal was met, and although the hospital has undergone many changes, that goal has not.

Bayshore Veterinary Hospital has a primary focus on caring for pets, as well as informing and educating owners about their pets’ health. At our animal hospital near Middletown, we work together with owners so each stage of their pet’s life is effective. As with any family member, treatment is a difficult process so we want to help however we can. At our animal hospital near Middletown, we are all about the animals, every single day.

Our Middleton Area Pet Services

Bayshore Veterinary Hospital provides many services to your furry friends. Here’s a list of the kinds of care your pet receives at our animal hospital near Middletown.

  • Preventive Care
  • Radiology & Ultrasound
  • Laboratory for blood work
  • Pet Surgery
  • Pet pain management (including laser therapy)
  • Pet Dental Care
  • Behavior medicine (training)
  • Pet grooming

We also welcome pets to stay with us whenever their owners take a trip. Check out the boarding services we provide. Keep in mind that it’s available for our patients on a reservation basis, and you must book way in advance during holiday periods.

If you’re traveling internationally with your pet, we can provide you with an international health certificate. This is done by appointment and should be made long before your scheduled travel date.

Bring Your Pet to Our Animal Hospital Near Middletown

If you’re interested in having your pet come to Bayshore Veterinary Hospital for their next checkup, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Let us know any questions or concerns you have about the services we provide. We can’t wait to meet you and your pet when you arrive!