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Dog DNA Tests in Holmdel, NJ: Are They Worth It?

Have you ever seen a commercial or an online ad for one of the many dog DNA tests out there? Maybe you know someone who tried this for their own dog, or maybe you’ve been recommended it by a friend or family member. If any of this is true of you, then you may find yourself wondering just how beneficial this type of testing can really be. Below, you’ll find a quick breakdown of information to help you better understand dog DNA tests. You’ll learn what they test, how useful they really are, and what, if anything, they can tell
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The Importance of Reporting Your Pet’s Issues Accurately

As pet owners, we may know at the back of our minds that health issues can pop up suddenly for our four-legged friends. And yet, we can still be taken by surprise when something does happen. Combine this with the fact that dogs and cats cannot communicate to us clearly when something is wrong, and it can be all too easy to miss the warning signs! That’s why we want to help you prepare for such events (even if they end up never happening) and know what actions to take to aid your pet and get them the care they
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How Do Wellness Exams Help Your pet?

The Bayshore Veterinary Hospital team believes in the importance of annual wellness examinations for each one of our patients.  Bringing your pet to our hospital to be examined by our veterinarians creates the opportunity to identify potential health problems early. Through regular check-ups, our veterinarians can assess developing issues in our patients, rather than wait for drastic changes in behavior or general appearance. What Happens During My Pet’s Wellness Exam? During your pet’s annual wellness visit, you can expect the following: Complete nose-to-tail physical examination Ears Eyes Mouth Skin and hair coat Lumps and bumps check Joints, muscles, and mobility
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