Our hospital is equipped with an on site laboratory enabling us to get quick results on certain diagnostic testing. When necessary, we have the capability to run in-house CBC’s, Chemistry Panels, Urinalysis, and determine the presence of a number of infectious diseases and parasites while our patient is in our office. Additionally, we are directly linked to IDEXX Laboratories, our outside testing laboratory allowing us to obtain results as they become available, often by the next morning.


Our hospital includes a fully stocked Pharmacy enabling us to dispense the medications your pet needs. In addition to prescription medications used to treat illness and disease, we carry prescription preventatives to keep your pets healthy.

Pet Diagnostics in Holmdel

On the rare occasion that special medications are required, we provide written prescriptions for you to take to your local pharmacy.

Often, dogs and cats resist taking pills and a liquid formulary is needed. We arrange for a Compounding Chemist to create a flavorful liquid version of the prescribed medication to facilitate treatment.