Comprehensive Pet Exams near Middletown

At Bayshore Veterinary Hospital, we firmly believe in the power of preventative care. We work hard to improve your pet’s health and well-being so you and your pet can have long and enjoyable lives together. That’s why we place such a strong emphasis on wellness and preventative care, which includes our comprehensive pet exams near Middletown.

Annual or bi-annual examinations are a fundamental part of any pet wellness plan. It’s important to bring your pet in for routine exams so our highly-trained vets can develop a good understanding of your pet’s baseline health.

Pets age at a much faster pace than humans do, so it’s vital to catch problems in the early stages of development before they cause irreversible damage. The earlier a health issue is detected, the more likely it is that treatment will be successful. When we assess your pet once or twice per year (based on their age), we’re able to detect changes as they develop and offer a timely course of treatment.

About Our Pet Exams near Middletown

Our pet exams near Middletown include a complete nose-to-tail assessment. During this exam, we conduct a thorough assessment of your pet’s health. Our wellness exam may include:

  • Checking your pet’s weight to make sure they’re within a healthy range
  • Physically examining the condition of their eyes, ears, skin, etc.
  • Assessing your pet’s temperature
  • Checking the teeth and gums for symptoms of dental disease
  • Listening to your pet’s breathing and heartbeat
  • Examination of mobility
  • Additional diagnostic testing, if necessary

Feel free to talk to our vet if you have any questions or concerns while the wellness exam is being conducted. We know that the best pet owners are educated pet owners so we’re happy to talk to you about your pet’s health and care requirements. If you’re ready to schedule pet exams near Middletown, just give us a call at 732-671-3110.