Halloween Pet Safety In Holmdel, NJ

Halloween is a unique holiday, and one that many of us enjoy! However, it also presents unique dangers to our pets, who don’t always understand that all the costumes and scary noises are actually nothing to fear. To help your pet and the family have a safe and happy Halloween, our veterinarian has put together some Halloween pet safety tips!

halloween pet safety in holmdel, nj

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

  • Costumes are fun to wear for the whole family, but they can cause some anxiety for your pets! Costumes change your appearance, shape, and even your smell, making it difficult for pets to recognize you. This may make them nervous and possibly aggressive if they feel threatened. If they seem anxious, bring them to a quiet room where they can relax with their favorite toy for the evening.
  • Pet costumes also come with their problems. While it’s adorable to dress your pet up as a dinosaur or Yoda, it can cause anxiety and irritation if they don’t enjoy it. Before you put your pet in a costume all night, let them wear it before the holiday to see how they react. Make sure it doesn’t restrict their movement, sight, hearing, or breathing and if they seem to love it, then you’re good to go!
  • Candy is unavoidable at Halloween, but make sure to keep it away from your pet! Chocolate and xylitol are two major toxins in Halloween candy and can cause severe stomach upset. Ensure your kids know not to share candy with their furry best friends, and keep your own stash well out of paws’ reach!
  • Decorations are what make the holiday so enchanting, but they can also be hazardous for our pets. Keep any electrical cords secured away from curious noses and be careful where you place candles and jack-o’-lanterns! Pets can be drawn to a flickering flame and their investigation could result in wax burns or fires. Furthermore, spider webs and other stringy decorations should be placed where your pet can’t reach them. Always be sure to supervise your pet around any and all decorations!
  • Scary sounds like screams and howling winds can be terrifying for a pet who doesn’t understand that they aren’t real. If there are recordings played around your neighborhood, it may be best to keep your pet in a quiet back room so they don’t get overly anxious.
  • If you’re handing out candy from your front door, be sure to put up a barrier so your pet can’t dart out the open door. Lots of strangers in weird costumes may scare your pet and they may try to escape by bolting! This is also a good time to check that their ID tags are secured to their collar and that their microchip is accurate. If your pet doesn’t have a microchip, ask your veterinarian about one at your next visit!

Have any questions about Halloween pet safety? Contact our Holmdel animal hospital at (732) 671-3110 or ask your veterinarian at your next appointment!