How Do Wellness Exams Help Your pet?

The Bayshore Veterinary Hospital team believes in the importance of annual wellness examinations for each one of our patients.  Bringing your pet to our hospital to be examined by our veterinarians creates the opportunity to identify potential health problems early. Through regular check-ups, our veterinarians can assess developing issues in our patients, rather than wait for drastic changes in behavior or general appearance.


What Happens During My Pet’s Wellness Exam?

During your pet’s annual wellness visit, you can expect the following:

  • Complete nose-to-tail physical examination
    • Ears
    • Eyes
    • Mouth
    • Skin and hair coat
    • Lumps and bumps check
    • Joints, muscles, and mobility
    • Abdomen
    • Feet
    • …and more
  • Vaccinations
  • Diagnostics, if preliminary examinations indicate their necessity
  • An open, comprehensive conversation with your veterinarian

What Else Does Bayshore Veterinary Hospital Offer?

At Bayshore Veterinary Hospital, we offer a range of preventive veterinary services  designed to help your pets live their best life, fully engaged, and pain free! In addition to routine services like wellness checks, vaccination, and pest prevention, we provide tailored life-stage care for puppies and kittens to senior pets. Our team is also strongly committed to encouraging healthy lifestyles through nutritional counseling and weight management.

If you have questions about our range of veterinary services, please don’t hesitate to ask! Call us at (732) 671-3110. We would love to partner with you in your efforts to keep your pet on the road to good health, with a long and happy life ahead!