Is It Aging, or Is It Arthritis?

Pet Arthritis in Holmdel, New Jersey

Just like people, pets naturally slow down as they age. However, if you notice that your dog is exhibiting other signs as well, such as difficulty walking, standing up, or lowering their head to eat, this may be more than aging. This could be the sign of painful arthritis or degenerative joint disease!

What Is Degenerative Joint Disease?

Signs and symptoms associated with degenerative joint disease include:

  • Change in normal behaviors and actions, such as avoidance of stairs or favorite pieces of furniture
  • Difficulty moving
  • Limping
  • Loss of appetite
  • Withdrawal from activities the pet once enjoyed, like playing
  • Worn, inflamed joints
  • …and more

Diagnosing Your Pet’s Condition

When you are witnessing these changes in your pet’s behavior, we recommend a complete physical exam to help us identify the root cause. During this exam, we will recommend x-rays to help us examine the joints for inflammation or injury. From there, we will create a plan of action for treating your pet’s condition.

Treatments for Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease

Since no two pets are alike, treatment plans will be tailored specifically to the needs of your particular pet. We will evaluate your pet’s body to determine if any supplemental needs exist. For example, pets that are overweight may need to get down to a healthy weight in order to effectively treat joint problems.

Treatment options may include joint supplementation and Omega 3 oils to control inflammation, rebuild cartilage, and maintain mobility. We can also offer laser therapy treatments to restore and maintain mobility.

While age may prevent your pet from engaging in the fast-paced sporting activities of their youth, we can help you to give them a pain-free, active life that both of you can enjoy! Call us today at (732) 671-3110.