Thanksgiving Pet Safety in Holmdel, NJ

At Thanksgiving, it’s important to keep the safety of your pet in mind. This is a chaotic holiday that may be filled with pet safety hazards, and as a responsible pet parent, it’s up to you to brush up on these risks and learn how to anticipate problems before they get out of hand.

In our Holmdel, NJ, animal hospital‘s article below, you’ll find several tips for Thanksgiving pet safety. Keep this information in mind as you determine how to protect your pet at Thanksgiving, and remember the same tips when the December holiday season rolls around next, too.

Secure Your Pet When the House is Full of People

If your house will be full of friends and family members, make sure your pet is secure somewhere in an interior room away from the chaos. Strangers in the home will likely make your pet nervous, and all the sounds can be overwhelming and confusing for them as well.

If your pet is crate trained, a crate in a distant bedroom may be the best and safest place for them. Otherwise, make sure they are secured in a room that will not be opened by guests. Place a sign on the door if necessary.

dog in bed

Give Your Pet Their Own Space

When securing your pet, make sure they have a place to call their own in your home. Place their favorite bed or blanket, their food and water dish, and some favorite toys in this area.

Consider playing some gentle, soothing white noise or instrumental music for your pet in this space as well. They should feel comfortable and safe when in their own space.

Watch Your Pet Around Decorations

Thanksgiving may not be a holiday that is as known for its decorations as Halloween or any of the December holidays, but it is still a time to pay close attention to where your pet is throughout the day. Decorations of any kind can be tempting to dogs, cats, and even some exotic animals, so always monitor your pets around decorations.

If you think your pet may be too focused on the décor you put out at Thanksgiving, consider keeping it simple. Choose a few indestructible pieces of decoration like plush turkeys or wooden items and skip the rest.

Do Not Feed Your Pet Human Food

It’s very tempting to serve your pet a plate of human food at Thanksgiving, but keep in mind that they don’t need it, and it may actually be dangerous for them to eat it. Human food is often seasoned with spices that can cause stomach upset or may even be toxic to your pet.

Additionally, some foods may contain a lot of butter or other oils and fats that can contribute to pancreatitis in dogs. If you absolutely must give your dog some human food at Thanksgiving, cook them some separate chicken or turkey that is not seasoned with anything at all.

cat sniffing garbageBe Careful That Your Pet Doesn’t Go Dumpster Diving

When you throw away Thanksgiving food leftovers or turkey carcasses in the garbage can, this trash quickly becomes very interesting to many pets. Watch your pet closely around the trash can and make sure they don’t go digging for something you might have thrown away.

You may want to invest in a trash can with a locking lid for use all the time, not just at the holidays. If your pet is big enough or determined enough to get into a regular garbage can, a locking can is a safer alternative.

Do Not Let Your Pet Have Poultry Bones

Finally, do not give your pet any poultry bones from the turkey or from any other food you might have cooked. This is a more common practice with dogs than cats or other pets, but you should avoid it no matter what type of pet you have.

Turkey bones can pose a choking hazard for any pet, including dogs. They may splinter and cause damage to the intestines and throat if swallowed, and they can also block airways. These bones are not safe, but you can give your pet a Thanksgiving-themed toy intended for pets to make up for it.

Our Animal Hospital is Here if You Need More Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

With the help of this list of tips, you should be ready to pet-proof your Thanksgiving and make sure your pets are safe and secure, no matter what type of animals you may have in your home. These tips are intended to give you a good starting point, but you can also use them to think about other areas where you might need to focus your attention, too.

If anything goes wrong with your pet during the holidays, make sure to contact our Holmdel, NJ, animal hospital during our normal business hours right away or head over to these emergency animal hospitals if it’s after hours